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The Mushroom Table Night Lamp from Italian Design. All of Malones products are shipped from the US and get to you quick. Don't wait a month before you get your products. $50 orders get you free shipping. Lets get back to it. Featuring a stylish, yet practical design, this lamp is both portable and cordless, providing you with convenient lighting no matter where you are. The Lamp is made from Iron and Acrylic for improved durability, and it is also rechargeable for extended use! Choose from Black, White, Red, Gray, Blue, Mud Grey, Dark Green, Red Wine or Yellow colors to match your interior. Enjoy up to 15-20 hours of light on a full charge and power it up quickly with its included USB charging line so you’ll never be without proper illumination. Illuminate any room or space with the portable Mushroom Table Night Lamp from Italian Design– order yours now! If you Like Getting deals on great products that everyone's buying today visit our website https://Malones.business Malones Specialty Store LLC
Our Favorite item at the moment - MalonesSpecialtyStore.com
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